Friday 14.08.15 – 15.08.15, 11:00
Anton Repponen & Irene Pereyra. UX-design for designers (Workshops)

Workshop for UX­designers and digital designers conducted by founders of design studio who worked with which Google, Microsoft, Porsche, Red Bull, CNN, Netflix and other leaders of the market segment.  


14.08.15 – 15.08.15







Most UX designers and visual designers are excellent at executing full force during theproduction phase, but not many are good at starting with just a brief and a blank piece of paper in order to quickly concept and execute an idea. In this workshop hosted by UX director Irene Pereyra and Creative Director Anton Repponen, you’ll learn how to quickly come up with a concept and generate designs based on brand guidelines.

Where most digital agencies spend days, sometimes weeks crafting ideas and generating designs, Anton & Irene believe that the pressure of time gets the creative juices flowing and will make you come up with solutions you would never have considered had you been given more time to reflect. Heavy emphasis will be placed on creating key designs based on brand guidelines that will communicate the project’s core features and user experience to the internal team, the client, and the users.

Learning Outcomes

How to interpret a client brief and read between the lines

How to utilize group dynamics to maximize time, thinking and execution

How to craft and synthesize concepts

How to create a client facing presentation in just a couple of hours

How to present, defend and sell your concept and design convincingly

How to analyze and critique other’s ideas

Required Equipment

A laptop computer loaded with design software (e.g. Photoshop, Illustrator, Sketch, Omnigraffle etc.) as well as presentation software (Keynote or Powerpoint) is required in order to participate in the workshop. Pencils, markers and paper will be supplied.