Saturday 15.08.15 – 16.08.15, 11:00
Rahul Sen. The Art of Data to Dating in Digital Products (DIGITAL AUGUST)

Spotify product designer will lead a workshop for digital and UX-designers on creating products that excel lasting relationships with users. 


15.08.15 – 16.08.15







This session will discuss digital products and how to design them for lasting Growth. It will discuss a Product's Growth Funnel but also draw inspiration from romantic relationships - movies, literature and our own life - to shape a more humane Relationship funnel for the design of digital experiences.

Participants of the workshop will learn to:

— create designs that enable products to excel in lasting relationships with their users

— broaden product audience

— learn to imply Growth Funnel techniques in UX-Design

— plan long-term product growth

Rahul Lindberg Sen is a Lead Growth and Product Designer at Spotify in Stockholm. Most recently he led the design for a Running experience within Spotify, drawing on his years of prior experience designing for Nike. Rahul has a diverse background in interaction design, theater and architecture - all of which he applies at Spotify. He has dedicated the last decade to proving this theory while shaping product narratives at Spotify, Nike, Microsoft, Pepsico, GE, Maquet and several other global companies.