Tuesday 18.08.15, 20:00
Yota Digital Talks: How apps influence our habits (DIGITAL AUGUST)

App founders will discuss the way digital-services are influencing our communication and city services 


Digital technologies are in ingrained in almost every sphere of our life. Digital services help us communicate, work, clean our flats, travel and manage our budget. Our habits have changed completely under the influence of the online-services and cities are changing too.

How is communication changing in an environment where most services are a couple of clicks away? Do online-services develop trust or replace face-to-face communication? Do we need any moderation and editing of online services or should the users be responsible for their choice? These questions will be discussed by founders of web services and apps at the open discussion.


Nikita Pavlov, Qlean, co-founder

Aleksey Kolesnikov, RocketBank, co-founder

Vitaly Krylov, Gett Russia, CEO

Lina Udovenko, PR director, Yota

Felix Khchatryan, UBank, co-founder and the managing director

Evgenia Vladimirova, Rambler.Realty, Department director 

Event partner: Yota