Friday 21.08.15, 20:00
Yota Digital Talks: Augmented reality. AR in the city (DIGITAL AUGUST)

Chief executive of Give AR, art director of Playdisplay and other experts will discuss the influence of AR on citizens’ daily life 

Maurizio Pesce /

AR is an important part of urban life, being a part of banking, culture, entertaining and educational spheres. Citizens have an opportunity to use the environment (or its absence) in a new way and it’s very likely that infrastructure will begin to adapt to virtual reality very soon.

Why do we need augmented reality? How does it influence citizens’ habits and change their relationship with city? Will it become an integral part of daily life? All these questions will be discussed by the AR experts at the open discussion at Strelka.


Andrey Sudarnikov, Playdisplay, co-founder and art director

Anton Skeeter, Interactive Lab, art director

Ivan Yunitsky, Give AR, Chief executive

Oleg Yusupov, Association for Augmented and virtual reality of Russia, 26dots Co-founder, mixAR founder


Andrey Ivashentsev, Head of technology evangelism department, Microsoft Russia


Nikolay Gorely, Geek Picnic festival ideologist and hi-tech SMIT SPACE biennale

Event partner — Yota