Thursday 03.09.15, 20:00
Hani Rashid. The Moscow Experience (Lectures)

A lecture by Hani Rashid of Asymptote Architecture New York on the firms latest projects and an approach to form making through tectonic play tied to engineering and material science advances 

Asymptote Architecture, under the leadership of Hani Rashid and his partner Lise Anne Couture, has in recent years embarked on a number of ambitious and challenging projects around the globe. In each case the focus has been on creating exciting and compelling architectural works focused on advances in both the thinking and conceptualizing of new spatial and formal possibilities, and the realities of building and engineering advanced architectural ideas and projects.

The recent works include two new projects for Moscow that will be explained on a series of levels of interest. Both projects, one being a new museum of contemporary and modern art carrying the Hermitage namesake and pedigree, and another being a new 150m tower being built on the ZIL property in central Moscow, will be described through their urban ‘blending’, the tectonic obsessions, their implicit use of history and cultural narratives and their manifestation using state of the arts tools, means and methods. Alongside these projects, other notable works by Asymptote including the Yas Marina Hotel in Abu Dhabi and the ARC Multimedia Museum in Daegu, South Korea will also be described and analyzed by similar criteria and parameters.