Tuesday 22.09.15, 20:00
Ellen Blumenstein. Art and museums in the urban environment (Lectures)

Ellen Blumenstein talks about the role of museums in a city’s image and outlines her idea of the museum as a site for encounters with the present, not the past 

Nick Garrod

Museums often become the main tourist attraction of a city or even a country and can place even a small town on the global cultural map. But how do they affect the daily lives of locals and the image of the city overall? Ellen Blumenstein, chief curator of Berlin’s KW Institute of Contemporary Art will expand on this subject in her lecture at Strelka Institute.

In recent years, museums all over the world have become not only a place for education, but also a platform for entertainment and communication. In her talk, Ellen will expand on the different roles, perspectives and challenges that museums and exhibitions face in the urban environment. The curator will introduce «Image of a City — Welcome to the Jungle» and other projects which intend to visualize different perspectives on our ideas of the city and reflect on the options art offers to develop different images of how, where, and in which way we want to live.