Friday 23.10.15, 20:00
Rachel Inman. How Google retaught me UX design (Lectures)

A lecture on the importance of experiences that don't rely on disparate UI puzzle pieces, but ones that create an intuitive structure for interaction 

As UX designers, we can get mired in the details of interfaces we design — failing to step back and look at the whole system. Rather than relying on plug and play elements like buttons and carousels, can we design whole experiences, as our job title suggests? In this fun and thought provoking talk, one Google designer shares how creating experiences for an innovative tech company meant relearning UX design.

Rachel Inman is a Brooklyn-based UX designer with a love for creating delightful digital experiences that enrich and improve people’s lives. With an academic background in industrial design, HCI and business, she looks at design problems holistically, keeping user needs at the center of everything. She’s worked on products with Nike, Samsung, L’OREAL, LG Electronics, the Carnegie Museum of Art and the Pittsburgh Department of City Planning, to name a few. Rachel is currently at Google designing business apps of the future, in addition to tools for Google Earth & Ocean Outreach. She is also an Expert In Residence for General Assembly’s New York City campus where she teaches Introduction to UX Design.

The lecture will be held at DI Telegraph.

Event partner – Rambler&Co.