Thursday 29.10.15, 20:00
Using technology to distribute power within cities: a case study from Brazil (Lectures)

Meu Rio Cofounder and Executive Director Alessandra Orofino will explain how technology influences local decision-making and engages citizens in solving global problems 

Issues that we consider global, such as climate change, poverty and energy crisis are also city problems. They will not be solved unless people who live in cities start taking responsibility for it. Citizens should be willing to cooperate with democratic institutions and have access to necessary tools, authorities should be able to motivate and engage them. 

The online platform Meu Rio allows Brazilians to have a say in what's happening in their cities. The site gives people an opportunity to act on things they think are important, and allows both organizers and users to identify areas for change and action. There are online petitions that are sent directly the responsible party directly, short clips and infographics that explain public policy and daily coverage on city councils.

Meu Rio Cofounder and Executive Director Alessandra Orofino will talk explain how technology helps citizens solve global problems and share her experience on running a civic engagement platform. Meu Rio is Rio de Janeiro's largest mobilization network. She previously worked as a field researcher in Brazil and India, and was the youngest Director at Purpose.

Lecture supported by Open Innovations Forum