Monday 02.11.15, 20:00
Dubai: online zines, contemporary art and cultural production (Lectures)

This talk will explore The State's editorial practice as rooted in the cultural production of the Arabian Gulf.

What does post-westerness look like? What does it mean to be a cultural practitioner outside of older imperial centres? This talk will explore the imagined and built concepts ofDubai: as a blueprint for the city of tomorrow, as an empowered post-colonial city, and as a lived experience of the contemporary condition. It will look at these concepts in relation to The State's editorial practice. The discussion will cover the future weird, writing in English, reverse skeuomorphs, displacement and belonging, demographic shifts and migrations, and publishing out of the Gulf region and Middle East.

The State is an editorial and publishing platform interested in post-colonial vernaculars, south-south relations, and the future weird. The State publishes essays, books, and mixtapes, and produces projects and events.