Friday 13.11.15, 20:00
From Landscape to pavilions: towards an emotional pattern research (Lectures)

Intertwining simplicity and complexity, rationality and creativity, art and technology in architecture 

Design presents a vision of the future where new technologies and formal research become the catalyst for generating novelty, emotional response and experience. Design is an opportunity to explore the inner limits that architecture establishes with its environment and a pretext to think about our interior world. A world that is inherently intimate, creative, sensual and poetic. External Reference Architects has been developing new tools, both theoretical and pragmatic, to analyse and further the contemporary. 

Therefore the practice is a petri dish for innovation, experimentation and testing of new scenarios. In doing so, a disruptive pattern based methodology has emerged integrating the different aspects of the design process, abstract, reality, art, function, technology and society. This methodology will be shown by External Reference Architects' co-founder and partner Carmelo Zappulla through a number of projects: cemetery landscape Vespella de Gaiá, Magok Lakepark, Jarvenpaä urban-landscape, Yota Pavilion ’13-’14, Yeosu Expo.