Monday 23.11.15, 20:00
Frolic studio: Let the prototype do the talking (Lectures)

The founders of FROLIC will share candid behind-the-scene process for their projects and explain why they place so much importance in prototyping.  

The human mind is amazing at simulating experiences and imagining scenarios. This empathy can be dangerous as we’re making assumptions based on our own personal experiences and mental models, not the reality of the people we’re designing for. Intuition is a great tool for design, but building the “right” intuition needs to happen based on the context of the user we’re designing for.

FROLIC studio has a playful, fast-paced design process where we try to make concepts tangible as quickly as possible and put these in front of users so that we can learn from and iterate. In this talk, the founders of FROLIC will share some candid behind-the-scene process for some of their projects and along the way show why they place so much importance in prototyping.