Thursday 21.01.16, 20:30
How Culture Works. Design in the age of consumerism (Discussions)

Influential Russian designers will discuss how the design industry changed in the past few years











The cultural landscape of Moscow is constantly changing. Museums adopt the role of entertainment centers, parks develop into lecture halls, and contemporary artists choose to  work in public spaces. Everything happens so fast that the participants do not have time to digest the changes, and the audience can hardly understand how the culture actually works. In order to answer these questions Strelka Institute is holding a series of discussions with the participation of the most prominent representatives of the Russian film, design, music, theater, architecture and art industry.

The first discussion in the series is dedicated to modern graphic design. Can designers be  artists in the age of consumption? Do they generate new concepts and ideas or serve customer needs? Is design an artistic statement or product packaging? What does the older  generation of designers think about the contemporary design industry? Do the representatives of the 'new wave' agree with them?


Mariya Privalova, director of Moscow Institute for Social and Cultural Programmes, former head teacher of Design department of Higher School of Economics. curator and producer of cultural projects in design agency LimitedUnlimited


— Igor Gurovich, artist and designer, member of the Academy of Graphic Design, prize-winner of the Moscow Global Biennale of Graphic Design Golden Bee, founder of design bureau Ostengruppe.

— Ivan Vasin, partner of design bureau Shuka, teacher in British Higher School of Art and Design

— Daniil Sergeev, founder of Advertising Agency Firma

— Polina Kukushkina, designer, student of Boris Trofimov, undertook an internship in Ostengruppe

— Boris Trofimov, graphic designer, founder and professor at Higher academic school of graphic design

— Anna Naumova, Ostengruppe designer

— Stas Zhitskiy, designer, artist, founder of OPEN!Design