Thursday 18.02.16, 20:00
How To Give Half of Your Work Away for Free (Lectures)

​Matthew Manos, instructor at General Assembly and founder of verynice studio will talk about pro-bono work as a business advantage 









Matthew Manos is a social entrepreneur, design strategist, instructor at General Assembly and the founder of verynice studio, whose notable clients have included UNICEF, NASA, Google and Disney Imagineering. Matthew is also the Founder of Models of Impact, a platform and workshop curriculum that engages social entrepreneurs and non-profit executives in the design of business, as well as Reginald, an online tool that celebrates and measures the impact of pro-bono projects.

As the creator of ‘How to Give Half of Your Work Away for Free’, a toolkit and business model that enables entrepreneurs and companies to contribute half of their time to pro bono work for nonprofits, Matthew will talk about his book and movement. The audience will learn about the ‘Models of Impact’ method and how giving back can be a business advantage.

The lecture will be held in English. Synchronized translation to Russian will be available.

The lecture will be held within the framework of Vector Online School of Urban Entrepreneurship.