Thursday 16.06.16, 20:00
Fortuna Records: Rare Middle East music in European clubs (Lectures)

A lecture by the founders of Tel-Aviv based music label Fortuna Records, followed by their DJ set as part of Delta Festival programme  Facebook Event









Fortuna Records is a Tel-Aviv based music label focusing on the reissue of rare and obscure recordings of 20th century Middle East music. It was founded by four DJs with the mission of introducing Middle East folk music to clubs of Tel-Aviv and European capitals. Before reissuing a record, the label founders try to figure out if DJs will like the music and if they will play it on the dance floor. Thanks to Fortuna Records, Egyptian classics, Palestinian folk, Greek-Israeli rock and Turkish funk have seen the world on vinyl and played in clubs. Fortuna records DJs play sets in clubs of Berlin, have participated in Boiler Room parties and book gigs in Tel-Aviv, London, Amsterdam and Paris.

In their lecture Fortuna Records DJs Ariel Tagar and Maor Anava will show label materials and talk about its philosophy and music heroes of different cities of Middle East. How does the city environment influence folk music? What do Arab and European music have in common? How has Middle East music production transformed in 21st century?

After the lecture Ariel Tagar and Maor Anava will headline a party in Strelka Institute's yard and play some of their favourite records. The lecture and the party is a part of Delta Festival and are supported by the educational project Eshkolot.