Wednesday 06.07.16 – 14.09.16, 14:00
Moscow through the eyes of an engineer. Tours of Bolotny island (Guided tours)

Walking tours of the only island in Moscow  Facebook Event


06.07.16 – 14.09.16




Guided tours



Bolotny, or Balchug island is an important place on the map of Moscow, located close to the centre of the city, Kremlin and popular Krymskaya embankment. Throughout its history the island has been home to shopping arcades, cloth factory, churches, rich merchant houses, a chocolate factory, and now it is cluster with offices, shops and restaurants. Strelka Institute became one of the first places to begin shaping the current identity of the island.

Joint tours by Strelka Institute, Moscow Through The Eyes of an Engineer and Red October art-cluster will introduce listeners to the history of the island, its architecture and its role in the life of Moscow. The participants will learn about the creation of Bolotny island, some of its most interesting buildings and the destiny of their inhabitants starting with the Chambers of Averky Kirillov and to House on Embankment. They will also find out about the industrial part of this area from red wine to Red October factory.

The tours are held with support from Strelka Institute and Moscow Through The Eyes of an Engineer. Moscow Through The Eyes of an Engineer is an educational project combining traditional Moscow studies and the history of architecture with an engineer's perspective.

The walking tours in English take place every Thursday at 19.30 and every Sunday at 14.00. The tours dates are 16 and 26 of June, 14 and 31 of July, 11 and 28 of August, 1 and 11 of September. 

For the bike tours you need to bring your own bike.