Wednesday 10.08.16, 20:00
Snøhetta: a dialogue between architecture and landscape (Lectures)

Robert Greenwood will speak on the interdependence of landscape, architecture and interior design 









Snøhetta's philosophy is based on a tight connection between a building and a place. A definite relationship between multiple disciplines (such as design, landscape and architecture) from the earliest stages of projects is a driving force in all of Snøhetta’s works. In his lecture Robert Greenwood will speak about multidisciplinary approach, explain how buildings and landscapes affect one another and also will talk about social, political and economic factors having influence on architectural concepts of the company. 

Robert Greenwood is a partner and managing director of Snøhetta, one of the leading architectural bureaus based in Norway. Snøhetta received many awards such as World Architecture Award, Mies van der Rohe Award and many others. The bureau is a team of more than 150 architects with offices in Austria, Singapore and the US.

The lecture will be held in English and interpreted into Russian supported by the Norvegian Embassy