Friday 12.08.16, 19:30
Behind the scenes of Buzzfeed phenomenon (Lectures)

BuzzFeed representatives speak on key elements of a successful media business  









BuzzFeed’s post about the dress color became the most viral phenomenon of 2015: it counted 673,000 views on the first day and 37 million for today. BuzzFeed is well-known for its entertainment features but it also includes a news portal with 9 versions in 6 languages, its own advertising agency and video production. Sabrina Majeed, product manager, and Millie Tran, director of global adaptation, will speak on BuzzFeed structure, content, technical principles of transparency, iteration and experimental ways of adapting the content.

Millie Tran’s work is to make BuzzFeed content current for audiences using different platforms and speaking different languages. Previously she worked on new formats and due to her work the company got its news feed mobile app and newsletter.

Sabrina Majeed works in product design and studies how visual solutions help users consume and generate content. Before BuzzFeed she developed iOs and Android apps for Venmo and Intuit.

The lecture will be held in English and interpreted into Russian.