Saturday 13.08.16 – 14.08.16, 11:00
Buzzfeed: Global Adaptation (Workshops)

A workshop on content adaptation by the product manager and director of global adaptation of one of the world’s most popular online platforms  


13.08.16 – 14.08.16









Revolution in social networks created a new approach to building and publishing the content. Online media had to reform their traditional methods because nowadays users don’t open the sites directly anymore; they follow links in social networks. BuzzFeed was one of the first companies which understood the new trend, that’s why it began producing content for social networks concerning its viral features.

BuzzFeed produces various content in 6 languages for 30 most popular online platforms including Russian VK and Telegram. Content targeted at local users counts for nearly 5 trillion views per month. Millie Tran, director of global adaptation, and Sabrina Majeed, product manager, will run a workshop devoted to content adaptation for certain audience, platform and country based on BuzzFeed methods.

Millie Tran’s work is to make BuzzFeed content current for audiences using different platforms and speaking different languages. Previously she worked on new formats and due to her work the company got its news feed mobile app and newsletter.

Sabrina Majeed works in product design and studies how users consume and generate content. Before BuzzFeed she developed iOs and Android apps for Venmo, Miso and Intuit.

Participants will:

  • learn how to use statistical information in order to understand target audience and the entire market;
  • discover which topics resonate with certain audience;
  • discuss how to choose editorial formats and how to adapt the content according to its viral features;
  • take one of BuzzFeed features and try to adapt it for different platforms, formats and audiences (e.g. compilation from American BuzzFeed has to be transformed into a video for the French one).

The workshop will be held in English without interpretation. Participants must have laptops, smartphones with going camera and notebooks.