Sunday 28.08.16, 19:00
The New Normal. Presentation of the education year at Strelka (Lectures)

Strelka Programme Director and a core faculty member will present the Institute's postgraduate programme  









On August 25 the Institute launches the “Apply to Strelka” campaign for the new education programme 2016/17.

The theme for the upcoming year is The New Normal and the research will focus on the new contemporary condition, which has emerged with the rapid development of technology, including machine intelligence, biotechnology, automation, and alternative spaces created in VR and AR, and define new paths for urban design and development. But conditions around which we organize this effort are not just technological, they are also philosophical and theoretical.

At what point does the gap between what the words like “identity”, “human“, “architecture,” “citizen”, “modern”, “progressive”, “natural” mean and what is happening become so wide that we should move on to new terms? We need to design a more effective glossary of the present. Can we do it fast enough?

Strelka has recently announced its new Education Program Director — Benjamin H. Bratton — famous sociological, media, design theorist and author based in California. Bratton is a Professor of Visual Arts and Director of the Center for Design at the University of California, San Diego. He founded the school's new Speculative Design undergraduate major. In his recently published book “The Stack: On Software and Sovereignty” (MIT Press, 2016) Bratton outlines a new theory for the age of global computation and algorithmic governance. As one of the most important global design theorists, Bratton brings an extraordinarily interdisciplinary scope to Strelka’s research.

During the presentation on the 28th of August, Bratton will describe why we first need to understand the present and what “new normal” is in order to shape it into what it should be and why Strelka will be using speculative design as an important new method and perspective.

Another speaker at the event will be one of the Core Faculty Members for the new Programme — Lev Manovich — famous Digital Media theorist, Professor of Computer Science at The Graduate Center, City University of New York, and founder and director of Software Studies Lab that uses methods from computer science, media design and humanities to analyze big cultural data such as millions of Instagram images.

The presenters will be speaking about the future of design and design education and the shifting relationship between philosophy, technology and economics: emerging technologies challenge ideas about what it means to be human.

The event will be held in English and interpreted into Russian and will include an introductory presentation, a discussion between Benjamin Bratton and Lev Manovich and a Q&A session.