Tuesday 30.08.16, 20:00
Architecture as a social place (Lectures)

How history, art and communication style influence architectural design  









Architect Roberto Bannura will speak how formation of a public space influence architectural design and urban solutions. Roberto leads Beijing office of Steven Holl Architects bureau, created by the best American architect according to TIME magazine. In his lecture Roberto will explain how the formation of a public space depends on the way people communicate.

Roberto developed a design project for the museum cluster in Qingdao which incorporates 4 different museums. The building takes the form of a loop, the walls of which can be moved, thus blurring the borders between types of art and epochs. Light became the key element of the project — windows' forms in each of the museums differ from other buildings. The geometry of light expresses the idea of the epoch and once leading styles. As if hinting that those details reflect the changes in the culture of communication and show how history defined the path of culture development.

Bureau Stevel Holl Architects works with cultural institutions and educational foundations such as the MTI, Glasgow School of Art and Princeton University.

Lecture will be held in English and interpreted into Russian with the support of the USA Embassy in Moscow.