Thursday 01.09.16, 19:00
Future of wood: back to basics (Lectures)

Architect Anssi Lassila will explain how new ways of handling wood as a material open up new possibilities 










Founder and director of the OOPEAA bureau Anssi Lassila will share his vision on architecture of the future, which will undoubtedly use wood as the main material. Lassila will tell about the advantages of wood and explain how the special features of this material reveal in the finished building.

On the contrary to the popular belief, wood is not only used for the construction of small houses in the countryside, but also for building apartment houses in the cities. Wood is a perfect material in order to, on the one hand, be modern and eco-friendly and on the other hand to continue the architectural tradition. The list of projects of the bureau include the observation tower in Seinäjokithe community church in Kärsämäkieight-storey residential building in Jyväskylä and many others.

OOPEAA as the bureau of peripheral architecture promotes the rational use of resources and expresses the relationship between humanity and nature in its works. The bureau's projects connect the industrial and the natural, traditional and modern. OOPEAA pays attention to the visual aesthetics of design, continuing the tradition of architecture of the past.

Anssi Lassila is a Finnish architect who combines sculptural forms with traditional materials and innovative technologies.

The lecture will be held in English and interpreted into Russian with the support of the Embassy of Finland in Moscow.