Thursday 01.09.16, 21:00
Medium: Expressing values through design (Lectures)

Designer Brad Artziniega (Simpson) will explain how interface helped Medium become the unique platform for free publishing 

Lee Campbell









Medium was created in 2012 by Evan Williams, Twitter and Blogger co-founder, developing the idea of free user generated publications and citizen journalism. Williams considers Medium to be a community of writers and readers following three core principles: equality, collectivity and thoughtfulness. Anyone can be published at Medium; moreover, site’s layout equals professional journalists and ordinary users. Readers are allowed to make any comments in texts and authors can get editors’ feedback before publishing. Brad Artziniega (Simpson), product designer in Medium, holds a lecture where he explains how interface sets the tone of publications, which tools can be used in storytelling, and what online platforms can learn from architectural design, psychology and urbanism. 

Previously Brad Artziniega (Simpson) worked at the intersection of design and consulting in IDEO design company. Before this he was a research affiliate at MIT, splitting his time between the Media Lab and the Mechanical Engineering department.