Friday 02.09.16, 20:00
Guggenheim curator about the role of an architect in the technological era (Lectures)

Troy Therrien will speak about new realities of the architect’s profession in the context of interpenetration between digital environment and architecture 









Architecture existed separately from ‘digital’ for a long time but nowadays digital reality influence public spaces formation more and more and architecture can't develop in only one way any more. Further, the quantity of digital platforms grows daily in modern world — media and social media offer colossal volumes of information and form new trends which architecture can't ignore.

In this connection, the ability to quickly adapt to surrounding conditions becomes one of the most important skills — this touches as the common users so as the whole industries. How should architecture adapt? And how will permanent changes influence existing architecture practices and traditions formed after years of work?

At the lecture the Solomon Guggenheim Museum’s curator Troy Therrien will explain what it means to be an architect in the contemporary world and how the profession changes in the context of digital and architecture interaction.

Troy Conrad Therrien — Guggenheim Museum Curator of Architecture and Digital Initiatives. Currently his researches are concentrated on interrelations between architecture, communication technologies and political economy, connected through curatorial practices, which mix traditional exhibitions with experimental forms of programming and research.

The lecture will be held in English and interpreted into Russian with the support of the USA Embassy in Moscow.