Sunday 04.09.16, 20:00
Form and content: schools that make you want to study (Lectures)

The director of the Museum of Finnish Architecture will speak on the ways school design inspires the thirst for knowledge  









It is impossible to provide effective education in a building which everyone considers to be outdated. At the lecture Director of the Museum of Finnish Architecture Juulia Kauste will provide a brief overview of Finland’s experience in school architecture and then show how old schools are being renovated and remodeled to meet the criteria of the new thinking related to contemporary pedagogical approaches to learning.

School buildings in Finland are also an example of how the system of open architectural competitions works as a way of inspiring new thinking in the discipline of architecture, as well as giving a chance for young architects to gain major commissions. In Russia, similar ideas are being shaped with the help of Finnish bureaus: in 2015 there was an architectural competition for the best design project of a smart school in Irkutsk organised in partnership with KB Strelka. Studio Rudanko+Kankkunen became one of the finalists managing to place second with this project.

Juulia Kauste is Director of the MoFA; she also has expertise in architecture and sociology and curates many international exhibitions exploring relationships between architecture and the modern society.

The lecture will be held in English and interpreted into Russian with support from the Embassy of Finland in Moscow.