Saturday 10.09.16 – 11.09.16, 11:00
Working with creative communities (Workshops)

A workshop by Jasper Visser, strategic designer of VISSCH+STAM, on engaging audiences of the cultural institutions


10.09.16 – 11.09.16









Cultural institutions have the potential to influence and change social climate of cities. However, they don’t always find their place in a new reality influenced by changes in technology and society. One of the biggest challenges for such institutions is to upgrade their strategy for addressing audiences and engaging them into the cultural life of the city. Social and cultural innovator and consultant Jasper Visser believes that to address audiences in a better way, the approach to defining them needs to be changed. Visser thinks that more than defining groups by age, sex or social class, we should work with our audiences based on our shared values or interests. He calls such groups ‘creative communities’, which gather digitally or physically, for instance around an Instagram hashtag, Youtube channel or certain craft.

Visser started his career as a designer of educational programmes for European Union and World Bank, as well as numerous non-profit organisations and social institutions. He has worked on developing strategies for European Parliament and the State Library of New South Wales. Currently, he is a senior partner at an international consultancy VISSCH + STAM.

Participants of the workshop will:

— learn what creative communities are, where they exist and how they shape today’s society, as well as discover what creative community they are a part of.

— develop approaches to working with creative communities from makerspaces to incubators, from one-off events to long-term engagements

— discover how working with creative communities can help their organization achieve objectives and find out which tactics to use to do it

— get the skills of design for audience engagement, mission-driven co-creation (crowdsourcing, crowdfunding, etc)

The workshop is designed for managers in cultural institutions, directors of mid-sized institutions, social and cultural innovators, social and cultural startups.

The participants of the workshop will need a laptop and/or a smartphone.