Friday 16.09.16, 20:00
Videogames replace voting (Lectures)

Interaction Designer Chelsea Hostetter about the ways video games can transform public space  

Frog Design / Facebook









Nowadays modern governments feel the necessity to understand the interests and needs of citizens and communities. Ordinary methods, such as interviews in the streets and online questionnaires quite often don't reach their target audience. The problem can be solved with new interfaces installed in public places, so that anyone could express their opinion on the matter and participate in social management. Many governments partner with designers and technologists to get at the heart of their communities without annoying them with long surveys. Designer Chelsea Hostetter will explain how the role and design of video games changed over the last decades, how design studios use games in research and why gamification can be helpful in any field.

Chelsea Hostetter is Senior Interaction Designer in frog. She works on games which she creates at hackathons such as Global Game Jam. She has done talks internationally at Interaction 16 in Helsinki and locally about how the fields of user experience design and video game design intermingle and how best to utilize the principles gleaned from video games.

The lecture will be held in English and interpreted into Russian with support of the U.S. Embassy in Moscow. Please bring a smartphone to participate in an interactive session during the lecture.