Monday 29.05.17, 20:00
Artificial Intelligence from Google: The future technologies (Lectures)

Director of Google research center Greg Corrado will tell about the technologies of artificial intelligence, and how its development will change the world 










English, simultaneous translation into Russian

Today humanity stands on the verge of tremendous change. We already can send a message with a voice command, instantly translate any text or find the sunset photo taken three years ago in Thailand among the thousands of pictures. Behind all this there are the technologies of artificial intelligence and machine learning. What will their development lead to, and what will our world look like in the future?

Greg Corrado is a senior research fellow and technical director of the research center at Google, one of the founders of Google Brain Team. He will talk about Google's approach to research in machine learning and the algorithms of artificial intelligence work technology.

Greg is developing the interface of artificial intelligence, neuroinformatics and scalable machine learning. In Google team he worked on the introduction of computer intelligence in custom products: Rank Brain and SmartReply, as well as over open source software for developers: TensorFlow and word2vec.

The lecture is supported by Google.

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