Thursday 08.06.17, 20:00
DNA Storytelling: A Genetic Odyssey (Lectures)

Anthropologist, geneticist and entrepreneur Spencer Wells will discuss current demographic trends and how to study the past or to forecast the future through DNA tests 








English (with translation)

Anthropologist, geneticist, author and entrepreneur Spencer Wells will discuss his work using genetics to track human movement patterns around the world. A whirlwind tour of the past 60,000 years of human history, Dr. Wells will also speculate on where current demographic trends might be leading us in the future.

Since the beginning of the 21st century the extent of international migration has increased greatly, and the momentum continues to grow. People move around the world looking for better conditions or new opportunities, and modern megacities have turned into diverse agglomerations of many different nationalities and cultures. This story is written in our DNA, and that of our children, revealing the complex tapestry of human diversity in the today's global population.

Dr. Wells will also discuss how consumer DNA tests can be used to better understand ourselves. Consumer genomics - a new and rapidly-growing industry - gives people the opportunity to learn not only about the origin of their ancestors, but also about the traits they have inherited from them, using DNA data.

Spencer Wells is founder and CEO of the consumer genomics startup Insitome, which creates immersive genetic experiences to help people better understand their ancestry, traits and lifestyle choices. Wells received his Ph.D. from Harvard University, conducted postdoctoral research at Stanford and Oxford universities, and led the Genographic Project at the National Geographic Society for over a decade. He is an adjunct professor at the University of Texas at Austin.

All guests who come to the lecture will have an opportunity to participate in the contest and win one of 100 DNA tests for ethnicity, as well as to compete for the main prizes – a travel worth 300,000 rubles and another one worth 70,000 rubles to the countries of origin, which will show DNA.

The lecture will be held in partnership with travel metasearch engine momondo, within ‘The DNA Journey’ campaign. The goal is to show that there are more things uniting us than dividing us, and traveling helps to fight prejudices against other countries and cultures.

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