Wednesday 21.06.17, 20:30
The New Domesticity: Industrial designer vs Sociologist (Discussions)

How does the interior adjust to everyday life? The designer and the sociologist will discuss the issue remaining in the framework of different disciplines but in one discussion 










English (with simultaneous translation into Russian)

The participants of the discussion will talk about the signs of a new everyday life in Russia and in Europe, they will discuss the concept of private space and the erosion of its borders. The designer Jürgen Bey will discuss the changes in the modern way of life with Victor Vakhshtayn – a sociologist known for his studies of urban routines.

Jürgen Bey (Studio Makkink & Bey) creates works that are often called radical, crazy, provocative. He became known through joint projects with Droog Design. For example, the Tree-trunk bench created together with the studio by Jürgen Beam was sold in the form of a set of bronze backs from chairs and the buyers were offered to find a log in the forest on their own. He has experimented a lot with banal objects of a home environment, exploring how the interior can make a person happier. Victor Wachstein is a candidate of sociological sciences, professor, dean of the Faculty of Social Sciences of the MSSES, dean of the Faculty of Philosophy and Sociology at the RANEPA, chief editor of the journal ‘Sociology of Power’. He examines theory of frames, the sociology of everyday life and the problems of urbanism.

The discussion will be moderated by the researcher Anastasia Smirnova – the director of the educational program at Strelka Institute (2011-2015) and the program director of the joint master program of Strelka Institute and the Higher School of Urban Studies HSE –Advanced Urban Design.

The discussion will be held with the support of the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands.

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