Tuesday 27.06.17, 20:00
The history of architecture: Losses and findings (Lectures)

Architect Sergei Choban and art critic Vladimir Sedov are telling about their book ‘30:70 architecture as a balance of power’ and about how acquisitions of modern architecture change its understanding in society 











The art of architecture at the junction of creativity and technology is clear to professionals who are able to see innovations in the pursuit of simplicity. Whereas it is common for townspeople to gravitate towards aesthetics and beauty, and modern architecture is no longer considered as a contribution to culture, if it is not about something unique and detached.

What is the difference between today's architecture and something what was commonly called architecture a century ago, what are the causes and consequences of this differences? This is what book ‘30:70 architecture as a balance of power’ is devoted to. The authors of the book are practicing Russian and German architect, author of many famous buildings in Berlin, Moscow and St. Petersburg Sergei Choban and doctor of art history, historian of architecture Vladimir Sedov.

Sergei Choban writes that modern professionals rarely do something comparable in beauty with the masterpieces of the past. This partly provokes the rejection of modern architecture by the townspeople. How to make the architecture gravitating to beauty again, not just to technological innovations?

At the lecture authors of the book will talk about the development of architecture, changes in its perceptions, and how to use the achievements of the past in modern projects.

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