Tuesday 04.07.17, 17:30
The New Normal. Showcase. Day 2 (The New Normal)

Benjamin Bratton, Ben Cerveny, Liam Young, Julieta Aranda and the New Normal researchers 






The New Normal




English with simultaneous translation into Russian

The New Normal Showcase is a two-evening presentation of the first year of research of our joint design think-tank. The event will feature new presentations of our core faculty and guest speakers and premiere seven projects by the programme researchers.

How an alternative history of ‘Neocosmism’ could have affected the technological and social development of Russian cities? Can automation be framed as an opportunity for labor unions rather than a threat? How can a cryptocurrency set in motion the colonisation of the Arctic?

Cites are not just about form but also process and platforms. In the age of artificial intelligence, ecological precarity, and financial transformation and so many more uncertain developments, we ask once more how metropolitanism is connected to cosmopolitanism.

Even as we take emerging technologies as our urban tool-kit, the attitude with which we plot our research is both technical and exploratory (and one because the other). For this, the speculative is not supplemental to serious work; it is essential to our research responsibilities in a moment of change and uncertainty.

With our 2050 brief in mind, the urban is taken more as a format for design than a genre of design. Cities are media for the circulation of potentials and to search that potential this means getting out of our own skins.

Benjamin Bratton, design-theorist and author, Professor at UCSD and Sci-Arc and Education Programme Director at Strelka will open Day 2 of the showcase with a keynote presentation of the research agenda of the New Normal think-tank.

Among the presenters of July 4 will be Julieta Aranda - artist, editor of the e-flux journal, Liam Young - speculative architect, filmmaker, Head of of the Fiction and Entertainment programme at Sci-Arc, founder of Tomorrow's Thoughts Today think-tank and nomadic research studio Unknown Field's Division and Ben Cerveny — prolific entrepreneur, designer and strategist, founder of Bloom Studios, former principal designer and platform development strategist at Ludicorp, makers of Flickr.

Showcase schedule. Day 2:
17:30 — Opening

18:00 — Strelka Institute Opening

18:15 — Benjamin Bratton
Keynote ‘The New Normal Covfefe’

19:00 — Lina Bondarenko, Martin Byrne, Holly Childs, Kei Kreutler, Jelena Viskovic
Project presentation ‘PATTERNIST’

19:25 — Ildar Iakubov, Alexey Platonov, Inna Pokazanyeva, Francesco Sebregondi

Project presentation ‘SEVER’

19:50 — Julieta Aranda
Talk ‘They are bushy, they are dark, and they are clumps’

20:20 — Michaela Büsse, Konstantin Mitrokhov, Alina Nazmeeva, Jariyaporn Prachasartta
Project presentation ‘COMMON TASK’

20:45 — Melissa Frost, Maksym Rokhmaniiko, Enrico Zago
Project presentation ‘DOMA’

21:10 — Ben Cerveny
Talk ‘Metabolising Complexity’

21:40 — Liam Young
Talk ‘City Everywhere’

In the course of the two evenings visitors will see the results of our creative research in the form of public talks and live presentations, cinematic outcomes and discussion.

The work you will see is the culmination of five months of research, investigation and creative exploration. As you will see, the program redefines urban design to include not only architecture and infrastructure, but also experience, interaction and economics. You will see proposals ranging from software platforms to housing models, from labor networks to augmented reality games.

All presentations events are held in English and with simultaneous translation into Russian. Online live broadcasting of the event will be available on the Institute’s website and facebook pages.

Participants of the event will be the first to see a showreel presenting visual aesthetics and atmosphere of this year created by SILA SVETA — interactive media, production and conceptual design studio and our friends.

Strelka Bar will offer drinks and grill in the courtyard during the event.

Accreditation — pr@strelka.com.