Thursday 06.07.17, 20:00
Abundant Access: Public Transit for a Free City (Lectures)

Innovator and international specialist in public transport Jarrett Walker will tell how the possibilities of movement become freedom of citizens 










English with simultaneous translation into Russian

The definition of a city is that there is not much space per person. Urban transport planning is thus, first of all, a geometry problem in moving lots of people in very little space. Only public transport can do this at the scale of a big city. But public transport seems complicated. Different professions have different assumptions about it, and these assumptions pull public transport planning in different directions. How can public transport be more made useful and understandable? Jarrett Walker proposes that the answer lies in thinking about the geometric nature of freedom.

Jarrett Walker is one of the most innovative planners and major proponents of public transport in North America. He believes that moving through the city can be simple and enjoyable if the designers first pay attention to the geometry of space that all public transport shares. In this lecture, Walker will take listeners beyond the secondary factors and talk about the achievement of the main goal of public transport design — how to provide people with freedom and ample opportunities, despite the growing needs of the big city. He will talk about the integration of public transport on many levels: from small buildings to urban agglomerations, from the peculiarities of the countryside and to the university campuses, and also about the Russian cities specifics and how to teach citizens to travel with transfers.

Jarrett Walker is an international consultant in the field of public transport design and planning with more than 20 years of experience in projects in North America, Russia (new transport system in Yekaterinburg), Europe, Australia and New Zealand, founder of Jarrett Walker + Associates. Walker wrote the book 'Human Transit' on how the public transport affects urban communities and their lives, and he is constantly blogging for, where he writes about his projects and the problems of public transport planning.

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