Friday 07.07.17, 20:00
Housing is a service: More Life from Less House (Lectures)

How much space does a person need to live in comfort? The lecture on a new understanding of housing will be given by the founder and CEO of Kasita and Professor of Environmental Science, Dr. Jeff Wilson 










English with simultaneous translation into Russian

Existing methods of producing housing supply are slow to market, expensive and non-scalable. While the consumer product space is largely responsible for the way we live today — there’s a new iPhone out every year, and the personal computer has marched to central to our lives in under 50 years. What would happen if we ditched the history of how we made houses and took a product approach? By better understanding how a user thinks and what needs drive their decisions, could we create more optimal usability-driven dwelling experiences? The CEO at Kasita, Dr. Jeff Wilson, will explore how to apply iteration, integrated technology, mass production to housing. He will even speak of a future where your actual entire home becomes a service.

Jeff Wilson is a housing innovation thought leader and the founder of Kasita, an Austin-based micro-housing start-up. In 90’s Wilson quit the corporate grind at IBM, buried his Rolex in a California desert, and set out to find more from life. Years later, after earning a Ph.D. and becoming a professor, his love for minimalist living culminated in an educational and social experiment where he lived in a used 3 square meters trash dumpster for an entire year, earning him the moniker ‘Professor Dumpster’. Small living led Wilson to reimagine what a comfortable home could (and could not) be — especially in a growing city in need of affordable housing.

Wilson took all the best strategies of UX from the product world — optimization of design to get more from less, intuitive interactions, smart personalized technology — and conceptualized a dream space named Kasita. Kasita was recently namedone of the 25 most innovative and breakthrough companies of 2017 according to the Inc. Magazine. Not only can their housing is produced 10x faster than a traditional build, but it can be produced 5x more affordable and is designed to have oversized functionality in an undersized footprint. It’s core offering is ‘housing-as-a-service’ — a new way to think, live, build and develop. This approach is about providing access to home and the things in your home when you need them, without the burden of actually have to own them. 

The event is held within the framework of the Moscow Urban Forum.