Wednesday 12.07.17, 20:00
Who changes the image of Russian cities? (Discussions)

Young urbanists will discuss who forms the city agenda today, which Russian cities win in competition for human capital and how beginning architects make their reputation by creating public space projects 











New places of attraction began to appear across Russia.These modern and convenient public spaces are based upon the projects of young bureaus and aimed to give an impetus to further development of urban realm on a nationwide scale. In such a way, young architects get an opportunity to prove themselves, without limitation to the interior design, and to determine the vector of urban development as well — by meeting the authorities’ and the citizens’ needs. Both winners and participants of the first national architectural competition of Strelka KB and AHML for the development of public spaces will discuss who should determine the comfortable city image and how to win citizens’ favour.

In the short presentations followed by the discussions, the front-runners of Russian urbanism will talk on the city improvement in Lipetsk and Ufa, discuss what is missing in the parks in Vladikavkaz, where to walk in Volgograd and how to do nothing in Nizhny Novgorod. They will try to figure out how elaborate streets help cities to achieve success in the post-industrial world of technologies and services and where the request for public spaces came from.

Guests will have an opportunity to enjoy interactive 3D visualisations and to make a journey into the future of the Russian cities using virtual reality glasses.

The Executive Director of Strelka Institute Olga Polishchuk is the moderator of the discussion.


Alan Djibilov and Timofey Shapkin — Solid Studio Consortium, Stuttgart, Germany;

Artem Skalkin and Rodion Prazdnikov — MODUL architectural bureau, Moscow;

Alexander Kachalov and Sergei Fomin — architectural bureau Plan_B, Yaroslavl;

Stas Gorshunov — Gorshunov Bureau, Nizhny Novgorod;

Alexandra Katasonova — city planner and partner of the consulting bureau UrbanBayram, Ufa.

VR equipment provided by Prosense.