Thursday 03.08.17, 20:00
Everything Connects: The rise of serialized and interconnected media (Lectures)

The founder and CCO of mobile game studio Dots Patrick Moberg will talk about macro trends in games, apps, and films to understand the strategies being used, their effectiveness, and the rationale behind them 










English with simultaneous translation into Russian

The internet and mobile devices have created a fractured landscape with a vast number of options for both media platforms and content on those platforms. This fractured nature has created niche audiences that are challenging to market to. Many companies are trying to create, sustain, or resurrect franchises — sequels, prequels, spin-offs — while others - produce specialized content. What media interactive tools does the Kardashians brand use? Or Marvel studio? Entities without well known intellectual properties can still compete. As large corporations proliferate into almost every media landscape, there have been outliers like Gardenscapes developer Playrix, Get Out director Jordan Peele, or Netflix’s Stranger Things, that have embraced risk to stand out amongst the status quo. Patrick Moberg will talk on the interactive approaches — from a broad campaign to a direct conversation with a niche audience — and look at what works and what doesn't.

Patrick Moberg is a designer, software developer, and published author. He was an early engineer at Vimeo and now he is a co-founder and CCO at Dots, a company grown from an unknown mobile game prototype into a profitable, fifty person mobile game studio in the heart of New York City. The first game with the same name appeared in 2013, then 'Two Dots' came out, and last year in July, the company launched ‘Dots & Co’, which quickly became a ‘Top 5’ game in over 100 countries, and the studio achieved 3-time back-to-back global hits.

The company is capitalizing with strategic marketing to establish its reputation as a ‘game for non-gamers’, and make more games like that. Dots typifies the ‘designification’ of mobile gaming to create something less like an arcade experience and more like objects representing a specific taste or sensibility. The studio's catchy new campaign — ‘Play Beautifully’ — alludes toward its attempts to position its products not as games, but as an extension of a certain kind of lifestyle.

The lecture will be held with the support of the U.S. Embassy in Moscow. It is a part of the Digital August programme, curator of the programme is Liya Safina, the leading UX designer of New York agency Red Antler, a specialist in digital education, the co-author of the digital education manifesto, and one of the authors of the concept and methodology for the Vector online school for urban entrepreneurs.

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