Friday 04.08.17 – 05.08.17, 19:00
A game to beat ratings: idea, prototype, marketing concept (Workshops)

Create a physics based mobile mini-game with Dots creator: develop a prototype, a visual brand and a marketing concept 


04.08.17 – 05.08.17











Dozens of new mobile games appear in online stores every day, but only one in a thousand acquires fans all over the world, merchandise and cinema-sequels, or becomes long-lived series of three ‘Dots’ game. ‘Two Dots’ achieved the #1 rank in 71 countries within the first 24 hours of its launch. Last year in July, the company launched ‘Dots & Co’, which quickly became a ‘Top 5’ game in over 100 countries, and the studio achieved 3-time back-to-back global hits.

How to win user's attention? How to create an offer that will make the application unique? How to develop a quality and well-designed prototype which will work on different platforms? Find out about interactive methods that can be applied not only in mobile games but also to other design fields at the workshop of Patrick Moberg — co-founder of mobile game studio Dots.

Patrick Moberg is a designer, software developer, and author. He was an early engineer at Vimeo, now he is a co-founder and CCO at Dots. His company grown from an unknown mobile game prototype into a profitable, fifty person mobile game studio in the heart of New York City. The company is capitalizing with strategic marketing to establish its reputation as a ‘game for non-gamers’, and make more games like that. Dots typifies the ‘designification’ of mobile gaming to create something less like an arcade experience and more like objects representing a specific taste or sensibility. The studio's catchy new campaign — ‘Play Beautifully’ — alludes toward its attempts to position its products not as games, but as an extension of a certain kind of lifestyle.

Attendees will remix pre-made components to create a physics based mini-game as well as a visual brand and marketing concept to help your idea stand out. This programming workshop will introduce you to a software called Unity. It is used by many game and interactive developers to ship projects on Android, iOS, PC, and console platforms. In addition to your own game and marketing concept, attendees get a playable collection of all other games created during the workshop.

During the workshop participants will learn:

  • How to measure efficiency of interactive design
  • Game design techniques used to engage players quickly
  • How to retain players over long periods of time
  • The ways to ensure an efficient prototype process
  • How to understand market factors allowing to gain the audience

The deliverables of the workshop will be a working over a game prototype and a marketing stunt for it.

Participants who are invited — individuals with experience in visual design, UI/UX, mobile, or motion graphics with an interest in creating video games, prototyping and audience retention. Attendees will need a personal computer with the latest version of Unity 5.6.2 (which can be downloaded here for Windows and here for Mac OS).

The workshop will be held in English with support of the U.S. Embassy in Moscow, a spoken English is mandatory. Applications are accepted until August 3th. The Institute producer will contact each candidate during three days after receiving of applications would be closed. Any questions —

The workshop is a part of the Digital August programme, curator of the programme is Liya Safina, the leading UX designer of New York agency Red Antler, a specialist in digital education, the co-author of the digital education manifesto, and one of the authors of the concept and methodology for the Vector online school for urban entrepreneurs.