Sunday 13.08.17, 12:00
The great swap (Weekends)

A party where people joyfully part with extra belongings and find perfect new ones 









A lot of the clothing that we have acquired loses its value for us over time. Often, random outfits move to the far shelf waiting for a change of weather or mood, while their owners feel bad just throwing them away. A swap is a way to free up space from stuff that you don’t like anymore, while having fun and leaving with unexpected finds.

Participants exchange things that they are tired of, that don’t fit, or which were bought on impulse, and it’s all for free. Do not take the swap for a flea market with faded fabrics and worn-out knees; on the contrary, all clothing should be clean, neat, and stylish. You can give away everything you are ready to part with at the swap, from branded coats to trimmed shorts and golden swimsuits, even the most unusual things can be an inspiration for others who didn’t dare to try them before by deliberately buying them in a store.

‘A swap is an excellent alternative to tiring shopping, the fixation on clothing, and unconscious consumption. The smile of a girl you don’t know in a dress that didn’t fit you but fits her perfectly, is worth more than a new dress with a tag from a store,’ Alisa Taezhnaya, a journalist and ideologist and organizer of swap parties, is convinced.

Attendees bring their clothes with them to give away from the stage by turns. All other everyday housewears must be brought in and left at Strelka in advance — on August 11th or 12th. During the swap, everything that does not need to be tried on will be in one special room, and everyone will be able to choose something. There will be separate dressing rooms for the clothing that was ‘caught’ at the party.

Swap rules:

  • Only beautiful and clean things should be brought; items should be as pleasing as new ones;
  • A swap is a money-free zone; all clothing can be tried on, and, if it doesn’t fit, passed on to the next person;
  • Don’t be shy — swaps are for having fun and making friends;
  • What is great for exchange: clothing, new cosmetics, perfumes, jewelry, books, covers, furniture, and so on;
  • What is not: used bed linen, worn underwear, and clothing with defects;
  • Things aren’t exchanged one-for-one everyone can bring as much as they are willing to give and take home as much as they get;
  • Items that do not find new owners will go to charity;
  • Vintage, bright things, sequins, leather and suede, animal prints, and other craziness is always highly valued.

The event is part of the ‘Strelka Summer 2017’ Open Call. The four best project to be selected after the contest will be presented as part of the Institute’s summer public programme.