Saturday 02.09.17 – 03.09.17, 12:00
Develop a brand strategy based on the Red Antler methodology (Workshops)

Learn how to develop a successful brand strategy and digital tools for user retention according to the methodology of a New York brand agency 


02.09.17 – 03.09.17











At first glance, it seems enough to define what’s unique about a brand compared with others and to send this message to clients consistently in order to build a successful brand strategy. But in practice, the issue is much more complicated: the personalization of relations with users and the proper construction of a digital strategy are the main selling forces.

Over two days, together with the head of the UX design department, Liya Safina, workshop participants will master the branding process of the New York agency Red Antler step by step, based on these principles:

  • consider the key success factors of new startups;
  • develop a strategic brief, including searching for an audience and a unique proposal, presentation style, and brand behavior;
  • come up with a successful name;
  • define a visual strategy and create a pre-design that reflects the brief and values of the audience;
  • pick up the right digital UX design strategy and content for a successful online brand presentation;
  • develop user retention tools and new digital campaigns to create a unique user experience.

The result will be brand strategies for two new companies, developed with a clear understanding of an audience, market niche, the values that the brand broadcasts to users, and approaches to successfully representing it online.

Participation in the workshop will be useful for specialists involved in the development of brand strategies at different stages:

  • Strategists and specialists in brand communications, in order to understand how the whole process works with a consideration of advanced trends
  • Brand designers, to understand how brand strategy is reflected in visual identity and online brand design
  • UX / UI designers, to learn how to participate in the development of a digital strategy in the early stages and understand how to coordinate their work with the rest of the process
  • Digital marketers, to learn how to link their strategy with the brand strategy

Liya Safina is the head of the UX design department at the New York-based branding agency Red Antler, a specialist in digital education, and the curator of the Digital August programme. Liya is a co-author of the manifesto on digital education, and also participated in the development of the concept and methodology for the online school for urban entrepreneurs, Vector.

Red Antler specializes in creating brands for large, world-famous companies, such as Google, Foursquare and Tripadvisor, but also for start-ups: an educational experiment, MissionU; a hotel on wheels, Cabin; a relationship application, Hinge; and a home mattress delivery startup, Casper, which Leonardo DiCaprio has invested in.

The workshop will be held in Russian; spoken Russian is mandatory. Applications are accepted until August 31. The Institute producer will contact each candidate after the close of the application period. Please contact with any questions.