Saturday 09.09.17, 11:00
Teacher for Russia: The School Issue (Conferences)

How to change the school system for the better: a discussion for teachers, parents, children, and other concerned people 











According to the creators of the ‘Teacher for Russia’ project, changes in the educational school system begin with young, starry-eyed professionals with fresh ideas. Each day of the training they run, programme participants come up with new ways to develop and renew schools within the existing system and make the process of education contemporary and truly engaging. But this discussion needs a much wider audience. The School Day is a platform where everyone who is concerned about Russian education will be able to discuss exciting issues and ideas, and learn more about the changes the education system needs.

This School Day will consist of 45-minute lessons for adults in a variety of disciplines. In the literature classes, attendees will discuss how reading culture is changing. There will be a small physical education training, as well as a discussion about how and why our bodies react to a certain type of physical activity. In social studies, participants will discuss the institution of the school and its development, and in economics — financial literacy. Lessons will be taught by participants of the ‘Teacher for Russia’ programme along with the best experts in each subject area. It is possible to come to the school festival with children: a separate programme will be organized for them.

The speakers are Director of the Class-Center Sergey Kazarnovsky, HR-guru Alyona Vladimirskaya, educator Nadezhda Shapiro, researcher Daniil Alexandrov, General Director of Sberbank Insurance Hannes Chopra, experts from the charity fund ‘Contribution to the Future’, and the curators of the #Sekta school. Margret Rasfeld, the director of the innovative Evangelical School in Berlin.