Sunday 10.09.17, 16:00
А progressive museum, accessible to everyone (Lectures)

Daina Leyton, director of educational programs at MAM San-Paulo, will explain how to hold the interest an uncontrollable crowd of teenagers and create an inclusive and tolerant community within one institution 










English with simultaneous translation into Russian

The MAM Museum in Sao Paulo is known not only as one of the best collections of Brazilian and international contemporary art, but also as one of the most progressive museum institutions in Latin America. The museum is located in Ibirapuera Park and in the epicenter of urban life: for example, every Sunday ten thousand adolescents from all over the State of Sao Paulo gather near its walls, where they use drugs, drink alcohol, and have fun. This long-standing tradition forced the museum to find a common language with the unruly teenage crowd and to develop a series of educational actions that actively interested the most complex audience for the museum.

The museum hired about two dozen employees with disabilities and those who consider themselves to be part of disadvantaged sectors of society. In simple words, at the reception of the museum there is an employee with Down's syndrome, in the educational group there are several specialists coming to work in a wheelchair, and recently the museum hired one of the homeless people who lived in the neighborhood. Among the employees there is also a transgender and deaf-mute person — and all of this allows the museum to show an accessibility and openness that comes from inside, from the museum collective.

Director of educational programs at MAM San-Paulo and ideological inspirer of changes Dina Leighton will talk about all of this during her lecture.