Tuesday 12.09.17, 20:00
Culture Cave: From the Neolithic to the Cultural Institutions of the Future (Lectures)

Curator of the interdisciplinary festival Luminato Jorn Weisbrodt will explain why combine a drag show and a French bistro in an open space without walls 

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English with simultaneous translation into Russian

In June 2016, the Luminato Festival turned the Hearn Generation Station in Toronto into the largest cultural and social center in the world. All possible forms of contemporary culture gathered together here: large-scale exhibitions, performances, concerts of classical and pop music, drag shows, parkour training, and a French bistro. Curator of the Luminato Festival Jorn Weisbrodt will talk about gentrification and explain how a person can change a space by creating a regular precedent: a festival, a performance, or a concert.

Jorn Weisbrodt invented the term ‘Culture Cave’, which describes contemporary cultural spaces. These are primarily multi-disciplinary institutions that reflect the diversity of values and occupations of modern man. The term refers to the Neolithic caves of primitive society, which served both as shelters and as centers for artistic activity. Today Jorn Weisbrodt is the art director of The Music Center in Los Angeles and the head of interdisciplinary performances and installations at RW Work Ltd in New York.

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