Wednesday 13.09.17, 20:00
Individuals That Challenge the Cities (Discussions)

Museum, performance, person: the third and final day of a symposium of theorists and practitioners about the immediate future of cultural metropolises 










russian with simultaneous translation into english

Why does the city need tectonic faults, how often must the center of urban power move, what does a big festival change in the life of a city, what value does publicly available art give to the streets and squares and, finally, what role does the individual creative manager play in all of this? These questions will be discussed by the people who change the concepts, fates, and appearance of the main metropolitan areas of the world: festival directors, urban event-making aces, the creators of public art, and other urban development professionals.

The discussion will consist of three panels:

New ambitious city institutions. How is modern culture driven by gentrification?
— Julia Krivtsova, Regional agency creative initiatives curator, co-founder of the TEXTIL cultural center in Yaroslavl, co-curator of the ‘architecture of movement’ festival
— Andrey Nasonovsky, executive producer and founder of the Ceremonies Agency, Executive Producer of the Opening and Closing Ceremonies of the 22nd Olympic and XI Paralympic Winter Games in Sochi; ceremonies of the Opening, Closing and Rewarding of the Confederations Cup; I, II and III International Festival of Fireworks 'Rostekh'

Square, fair, shopping center. What does socially accessible art do with the urban environment?
— Andrey Nasonovsky, producer, production director of the opening and closing ceremonies of the Sochi Olympics
Sila Sveta— Andrey Bartenev, artist

A festival as a change in the urban future. What changes in a city with the advent of a regular flagship event?
— Alexey Dymarsky, managing partner of Stereotactic, producer of the biggest electronic music festivals in Eastern Europe
— Rio Rutzinger, artistic director of the ImPulsTanz festival, Vienna
— Jorn Weisbrodt, artistic director of The Music Center, Los Angeles, ex-director of the Luminato festival, Toronto