Saturday 30.09.17, 16:00
A Good Plan: How to Write Longform Stories (Workshops)

Learn how to tell stories by considering successful examples of longform journalism and the basics of their construction 








Ohta Lab, 5А Yakornaya, St. Petersburg



On the one hand, longform pieces provide wide opportunities for different content to appear, on the other they require a reader to learn deeply and immerse themselves in a context for a long time. How can one story keep a reader's attention from beginning to end? Grigory Tumanov, editor-in-chief of ‘Batenka’ — a ‘samizdat’ publication built entirely around unusual stories, will demonstrate how to work on your own longform writing.

During the workshop participants will:

  • Study the basics of constructing the content and visual parts of longform journalism using examples of successful projects,
  • Consider the narrative features and patterns of the format,
  • Learn to choose topics for your own story,
  • Learn to create dramaturgy inside a story.

As a result of this work, each participant will present a plan for his own longform piece, compiled on the basis of the practices they have learned, and will receive advice from colleagues on implementing the idea.

Participation in the workshop will be useful for journalists and editors with work experience.

Applications for participation in the workshop are accepted until October 27. Participation is free. To apply, fill out the questionnaire and indicate your specialty and skills. The Institute producer will contact each candidate to confirm participation by October 29. Please email any questions to with the subject line ‘Grigory Tumanov’s Workshop’.

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