Saturday 30.09.17, 11:00
Brief and clear: How to make a good video for social networks (Workshops)

Learn how to create a concise and informative video that tells a story from RBC video producer Andrei Kovalev 








Ohta Lab, 5А Yakornaya, St. Petersburg



The video format has remained relevant and in demand on the Internet for the last 5-7 years, adjusting to the audience's demands on various platforms. The format came to Russia a few years ago: since then, video editors, ‘multimedia editorial offices’, and motion-designers have appeared in media to create viral and advertising clips. RBC Video producer Andrey Kovalev will conduct a workshop on creating video clips for different platforms, from topic selection to final editing.

Participants of the workshop will learn how to:

  • Find relevant topics,
  • Choose a video format,
  • Write scripts,
  • Select video materials,
  • Adapt video for different platforms.

Participation in the workshop will be useful for journalists, multimedia producers, video editors, and editors. Requirements for participants: their own laptop, for editors: a laptop with Adobe Premiere Pro CC installed, and experience working in this program.

Applications for participation in the workshop will be accepted until October 27. Participation is free. To apply, fill out the questionnaire, indicating your specialty and skills. The Institute producer will contact each candidate to confirm participation by October 29. Please email any questions to, with the subject line, ‘Andrey Kovalev’s Workshop’.

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