Monday 02.10.17, 20:00
The Infinite Happiness. Screening (Screenings)

Research about life in the most famous apartment building in Denmark — “8 house”, by architect Bjarke Ingels 








Cinema Lounge Angleterre, 24 Malaya Morskaya Str., St.Peterburg




english with russian subtitles

The Infinite Happiness is a movie about one of the most amazing buildings in the world. The building created by famous Danish architect Bjarke Ingels is built in the shape of a gigantic 8. Its residents ride bicycles right to their doors, there is a bike track from the first floor to the roof, and they come across sheep and cows walking in the neighborhood, the suburb of Ørestad, situated between Copenhagen and an airport is that is still being developed. The residents of the building climb its green roof and mow the lawn at a 45-degree angle. What is this? A social experiment, a piece of art created by a madman, or an attempt to integrate a southern lifestyle into a northern society? Whatever the answer, the “8 house” residents with whom the film directors have spent 21 days are ready to endlessly declare their love for the building, praising its environment based on the principles of community, openness, and creativity. One devotes his love sonnets to the building, another one gets so upset that tourists keep taking pictures of his balcony that he has a heart attack, children are sure they live in a magic kingdom on another planet, and a young man from a delivery service may spend several hours in the corridors of the building until he knows who has ordered a hamburger.

Iconic figures of the European architectural world (according to The New York Times), directors Ila Beka and Louise Lemoine created the ‘Living Architecture’ series of films. All the films of the series explore the world inside self-sufficient buildings that dictate a special lifestyle to their residents. In addition to The Infinite Happiness, they have told the stories of the marginal quarter of Barbican in London and the laconic, labyrinth-like Moriyama House in Tokyo.

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