Tuesday 03.10.17, 17:00
Cultural Code: How to tell local stories to the whole world (Workshops)

Learn how to work with a local agenda, like The Calvert Journal does, and come up with your own story about St. Petersburg that is relevant for international media 








Nevsky8, 8 Nevsky Prospect, St. Petersburg



The Calvert Journal is a British online publication about the contemporary culture and creativity of the New East (Eastern Europe, Russia, and Central Asia), where a young generation of artists, designers, musicians, and architects creates projects that directly affect the lifestyle and cultural movements of our time. The Calvert Journal's materials are inspired by the study of the unique atmosphere of the region, which is on the verge of spectacular changes. Nadia Beard, editor-in-chief of The Calvert Journal, will tell you how to broadcast local city stories to the whole world, and how local events reflect the culture of the whole country.

Participants of the workshop, together with Nadia Beard, will select themes from today's St. Petersburg happenings and come up with ideas of how to communicate them to a foreign reader. Working in small groups, they will come up with a plot structure for a foreign publication.

During the workshop participants will learn:

  • How to choose local stories that are interesting at the global level,
  • How to adapt a narrative for the international agenda,
  • The techniques and methods of working with scaling of themes in The Calvert Journal.

The workshop will be held in English: a conversational level of the language is mandatory. To participate, you need to register and name three topics for publications about St. Petersburg, which, in your opinion, reflect urban culture and would be interesting to a foreign reader (examples: bar tradition, city of dead poets, capital of the underground, the most European of Russian cities).

Applications for participation in the workshop are accepted until September 30. Participation is free. To apply, fill out the questionnaire and indicate your specialty and skills. The Institute producer will contact each candidate to confirm participation by October 1. Please email strelkaweek@strelka.com with any questions with the subject line, ‘Nadia Beard’s Workshop’.

The workshop is organized in conjunction with the ‘Creative Practices’ research project. ‘Creative Practices’ is a programme for studying the creative environment of Russian regions and increasing the role of human capital in the formation of new economies. The goal of the programme is to support creative and social initiatives and share experiences among active urban communities with the help of leading experts and research on the development of creative industries in Russian cities.

Strelka Week is organized with the support of Gazprom Neft as a part of the Native Towns social investment program.