Tuesday 03.10.17, 20:00
Reconstruction in a big city: From project to realization (Lectures)

Architect Daria Paramonova will speak about what architects and citizens have to face during major reconstructions and how to find a compromise 








Lendok Film Studio, 12 Naberezhnaya Kryukova Canal, St. Petersburg



The concept of public spaces is still settling in in Russia, but it’s already impossible to imagine a city, where such projects wouldn’t be attempted to realize: from the renovation of New Holland Island to playgrounds with the Wi-Fi connection in Kemerovo. A good public space is one that people love and keep coming back to. Such result requires effort from the construction’s initiator as well as demand from the local community. Creation of new spaces slowly forms a culture of how the citizens use them. Moscow reconstruction project “My street” became one of the most large-scale examples of public spaces being created in Russia – and also one of the most controversial. Meanwhile, unprecedented reconstructions of streets, parks, squares, embankments and yards took place in Russia’s biggest cities – from Kaliningrad to Vladivostok. In her lecture, architect Daria Paramonova will discuss, how the city reacts to major renovations, what their practical use is and what role the architect plays in them. Daria will talk about her experience of project planning from the inside, based on the example of “My street” program – from the historical overview, analysis of pedestrian and transport routes to in-depth interviews with the citizens.

Daria Paramonova is the head of Strelka Architects bureau, a project manager for the renovation of Garden Ring and New Arbat Avenue in Moscow under “My street” program; former professor and an alumnus of Strelka Institute’s educational program. Daria researched and typologized the Luzhkov-era architecture (essay “Mushrooms, Mutants and Others: Architecture of the Luzhkov Era”), oversaw the Russian pavilion at the 15th International Architecture Exhibition of Venice Biennale of Architecture.

Accreditation – strelkaweek@strelka.com.

“Strelka” week was jointly organized with “Gazprom neft” under the “Native towns” social investment program.