Wednesday 04.10.17 – 07.10.17, 19:00
How to assemble a portable scanner of the urban environment (Workshops)

Learn how to collect and process big data on the city: create your own scanning system 


04.10.17 – 07.10.17






Nimax, 55 Moskovskiy Ave 55, St. Petersburg



In March 2017, Timur Cherkasov, an architect, designed a prototype of a device that can read big data on the city. Several measuring devices were attached to the roof of a Volkswagen, and the car moved slowly around the city; measuring the traffic flow density, noise, dust levels, gas contamination, and intensity of street lighting. Two fixed cameras captured a panoramic view of the street, while the navigator recorded GPS data. The information collected from the devices was instantly transmitted to the car’s computer, using the Mapbox service. The team’s main goal was to achieve autonomous data processing in real-time. The findings on city traffic, air quality and illumination helped to make decisions regarding design, planning, and business development across Moscow.

Participants in Timur Cherkasov’s workshop will have the opportunity to assemble a new scanning device and program it to work with mobile pedestrians. It is expected that a new prototype of the Portable Scanner will be lighter, making it easier for researchers to become direct participants in data collection.

During the workshop, participants will learn how to:

  • Develop a prototype of a mobile app for data analysis
  • Master a methodology of complex research on urban space
  • Get a new perspective on the applications of user-collected urban data
  • Devise an easy and agile system of collecting and processing environmental data
  • Learn how to build a toolkit for data visualization

The workshop is geared toward urbanists and architects studying the built environment, for project designers and entrepreneurs in planning, and for hardware/software programmers who would like to learn new methods of working with “big data.” The participants will be divided into four interdisciplinary groups: research methods, systems of data collection, processing systems, and visualization. Each section will be led by one of four tutors: Maxim Vorotnikov, architect/engineer; Dmitry Masaidov, engineer/ programmer; Ildar Belyalov, programmer; and Anton Kozhinsky, coordinator/facilitator.

The workshop will be lead by Timur Cherkasov, an architect, researcher, professor, and alumnus of Strelka Institute. He has worked at Atrium architectural workshop and KB Strelka. He is the author of Mass Market Architecture, a speculative scenario and project on the future of architecture as an industry, where design is done by robots.

Requirements for participants

  • For entrepreneurs: owning a street retail shop or business
  • For architects and urbanists: graduate students and/or young specialists
  • For programmers: graduate students and/or young specialists with knowledge of VVVV or C or JS or Python

The application submission deadline for the workshop is the 30th of September, 2017. Participation is free of charge. To apply, indicate your professional experience and skills. The Institute’s producer will contact every candidate before the 2nd of October to confirm participation. If you have any questions, please write to, with the subject line “Timur Cherkasov Workshop.”

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