Sunday 08.10.17, 17:00
Populated by robots: How cryptocurrency will re-open the Arctic (Lectures)

A story of one expedition to the Murmansk port, a film about the future of the Arctic, and a trip to the edge of the world with speculative architect Liam Young 








Port Sevkabel, 40 Kozhevennaya line, St. Petersburg


English with simultaneous translation into Russian

The melting of Arctic ice is not only leading to a number of environmental challenges, but is also opening up new economic opportunities. How can the introduction of a new, user-based cryptocurrency help achieve the desired sustainable future for the Arctic? The SEVER project will lay the foundation for the development of an alternative globalization model, first tested over the Arctic Circle. With the advent of the new cryptocurrency, Murmansk is expecting the decentralization of the economy and new management systems.

This is how Strelka students imagined the future of the Arctic region during their trip to the Murmansk region in March 2017. SEVER, their final project, was the result of an expedition led by architect and Strelka Institute tutor Liam Young. In his lecture, he will tell about the trip to Murmansk and other expeditions, show examples of speculative films that predict the future, and explain how to speculate about the consequences of technology development for the world we are familiar with.

Together with the architect and writer Keith Davis, speculative architect Liam Young founded the nomadic Unknown Fields Division. As part of the project, researchers go to the remotest corners of the planet in order to document the tendencies that have arisen there and to make suggestions about how they will develop. The oil fields in Ecuador, the Galapagos Islands, the Chernobyl Exclusion Zone, the Baikonur Cosmodrome, and the Arctic — these are just some of the places that Liam Young's expedition visited. Fantastic landscapes, fragile, pristine nature, and territories abandoned by humans — these places are indicative of possible scenarios for the future, according to Young. He demonstrates these scenarios, combining reality and fantasy, in various forms of art. Among Young’s projects are Under Tomorrows Sky, a sci-fi video essay about the city of the future, in which a swarm of unmanned drone drifts through the city broadcasting a pirated Internet for file sharing; and the world's first film completely shot with autonomous drones, In the Robot Skies.

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