Thursday 30.11.17, 19:00
How to involve citizens in the city life: The Yaroslavl Cultural Center’s experience (Lectures)

Learn how to make a successful cultural center, involve citizens in city life, and negotiate with the local administration from the curator of a non-profit space in Yaroslavl 








BSTU named after V.G.Shukhov, 46 Kostyukov street, Belgorod



Independent cultural venues offer citizens an alternative. They are more informal; that’s why they respond to the audience's needs quickly and easily. Such places offer an agenda that is modern and appropriate to the context. Often these spaces are created by residents themselves and cannot exist if people do not participate in their maintenance. But it is clear who and what ideas inspire people. In Belgorod, there were several attempts to create cultural spaces and lofts: for example, using the Sokol factory. The creator of the TEXTIL Center in Yaroslavl, Julia Krivtsova, will explain how to develop such a place, attract a new audience, and make the city more comfortable.

The TEXTIL Cultural Center has existed in Yaroslavl for several years. Art critic Julia Krivtsova was one of the founders. The Center was opened in a building of the former cotton warehouse of the Yaroslavl Great Manufactory. Thanks to the TEXTIL’s cooperation with entrepreneurs and the city administration, new sights and routes started to appear in the industrial area of town, and then new parks and courtyards popped up. The Cultural Center opens up a prospect for young people to stay in the city and participate in its life. At the lecture, the Center's founder and curator Julia Krivtsova will share her experience of creating a non-profit city space and large-scale city projects, explain how to work with government and business, and how to involve local communities, and how private initiatives form the city agenda.

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